War2 Club
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Welcome, dear players, to the War2 Club project!

The project was created and is being finalized by Ukrainian enthusiasts to provide an opportunity to touch history and compete in one of the best RTS - Warcraft II.

We have some advanced features available:
  • Game without VPN
  • Playing on modern OS
  • Displaying statistics on the site in real time
  • Sane ladder (work in progress)
  • Maybe something more ;)
However, we try not to overload the game with unnecessary functionality.

In order to download the entire client or the files necessary for the game - you are HERE.

We welcome both beginners who lead the horde and use advantages of the ogre's BloodLust and experienced players who have been wise for years, who keep timings in battles with millisecond accuracy!

For the Horde! For Azeroth!

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